Expression is part of what it means to be human. We find it everywhere: in art, music, dance, mathematics, and perhaps most naturally in language. However, many humans have expressed themselves before us and it benefits one to consider other expressions we may not be familiar with to help identify our thoughts. In lingustitics this is called calque or “loan translation”, taking a word from another language and transplanting it into another’s vocabulary. You’ve already seen a calque in action with the name of this site; eutrimonia is a play-on-words of triathlon and the ancient Greek term eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is a bit complicated to explain in a welcoming passage so we will opt to opening with a Turkish calque instead: kismet — translated as a random occurrence so perfect it must’ve been fated by destiny.

Kismet describes when we (the authors of this blog, Brittany and Brian) first met. Two oddballs at a university party more interested in discussing Kurt Vonnegut instead of playing beer-pong. It’s been a little over half a decade from that party and we’ve had the pleasure of having not only many more odd discussions but also some interesting journeys together. Now we begin a new journey that started with kismet on January 1, 2018. It happened while driving the back-country roads home from a New Year’s party. The crisp air, rolling hills, and ocean blue sky struck a chord deep down. If it was this beautiful from the car, imagine how beautiful it would be if our bodies could bring us to beautiful places. It made us desire to go explore not necessarily the world itself, but rather explore where in the world our bodies could bring us. It was kismet: we knew triathlon was the mix through which we wanted to see what we could do with our bodies.

This blog details our journey as a moderately fit couple from Day One to becoming one-day competitive Ironman triathletes. Our goal is get people excited by discussing our journey towards a lifestyle dedicated to physical, philosophical, and professional well-being. Eutrimonia will catalogue our food, workouts, philosophical reflections, race schedule/placings, awesome workout music playlists, and much much more. We’re excited to see what this grows into and hope you enjoy your time browsing our corner of the web. Please leave a comment or get in touch if you can find the time. Ultimately, we hope to engage viewers to pick up triathlon themselves. Ideally, they’ll look back at their first interaction with this blog and see it as positively kismet.

cat meowing roarmarathon Brittany Berry running Grimsby triathlon trainingmarathon Brian Yee running Grimsby triathlon trainingAbout the Authors

We’ve gone ahead and written some blurbs about ourselves. Even our fuzzy little monster did an intro too! You’ll find out a bit more about who we are and our backgrounds before triathlon. Just click our mug shots!

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