Training Sidekick: Nuit the Cat

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Training buddy cat reading Fast-Track Triathlete by Matt Dixon

Happy, healthy training buddy kitty cat home from animal hospitalHi! I’m Nuit! Oui, just like en français! But you can also call me Nuit-baby, (la) Nuit-bean, Nuit-nie Beanie, Beanie Baby, Bean, Bean Butt, (la) Beanie, Meanie (when I’m roughhousing), (the) Beanster, or stuff like that. Just please don’t call me “Toe-licker” when I’m cleaning my feeties! That sounds really mean and I’ll complain.

I’m a black kitty-cat baby girl and I’m about 6 months old. They also call me a fuzz-butt, so this must be the type of cat that I am. My siblings and I are actually from a women’s shelter in Hamilton, ON, but they really only look after hoomans there, so they found us all comfy, new homes and that’s how I got to be living with Brian and Berry.

Well, this blog is about triathlon, so I guess I should say something about that meow. That’s no problem, because I actually know a lot about triathlon myself from watching all these videos from GTN (Global Triathlon Network – don’t you know?) with Berry and Brian. I also know that I’m much better than they are at this major component of training: Strrretchiiinnnggg! Ah, sorry – big yawn there!

Oh, that reminds me, I also get tonnes more sleep hours than they do, so I’m better at the sleeping part of training too. If you give me a dry pasta noodle, I can chase it around on the floor super fast, so you know I’m a very good runner. I’m sure I’d be great at cycling and swimming too… as long as I don’t have to get wet. Yep, best training buddy ever!

So, what else? Well, seeing as everyone here is talking about what they’re training for, I can talk about that. Wait! What am I training for, meow? Let me ask….

What?! Training to use the HOOMAN TOILET?! MEOOOW?! Get Out!

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