Price Single-ing

There’s a concept in economics called price signalling, that discusses the consequences of marketing products to consumers at different prices. The strategy is to signal that your product is better than others by attaching a value to it when the information on the quality of it is harder to identify. This leads a potential customer to believe that the increased price is due to increased value gone into producing it, still letting them make an ill-informed purchase decision. You might suppose that the fancier bottle of wine tastes better because… well, because it was labeled to be more expensive. Perhaps when perusing a recipe website and looking at cooking duration you might assume that more labour intensive meals are more delicious than the faster throw ’em together recipes. Or perhaps when you’re still technically single and want to signal that you’re a fun guy to be around to that girl you met recently who was coming back from her trip in Germany, you google “most expensive restaurant in Guelph” and decide that that’s where you’ll take her… not that Brian did ever did that. Coincidentally, this page is named after the top hit that would come up if you did that, which is La Cucina, a restaurant that we absolutely adore as the place of one of our first dates when Brittany got back from Germany and that we have revisited for special celebrations.

Our Kitchen

La Cucina means “The Kitchen” in Italian and that’s what this page is about — perhaps more preciesly Our Kitchen. Here we will post our usually delicious meals and sometimes bizarre experiments. You will find our kitchen doesn’t contain much price signalling as we shamelessly use everything from Kraft Dinner to dried black fungus mushrooms. It’s all delicious and we won’t bother putting a price on ingredients since simple substitutions can always be made. We do bother about the macronutrient breakdowns of our meals though so we don’t have to pay the price on the scale later. When browsing recipes online, the first number we normally look for is protein, since fats and carbs are relatively easier to fold into the recipe as needed. Nevertheless, lower protein meals have their purpose (cough, cough Sunday night ice-cream dessert) and are also included in our little pantry here for you.

Buon Appetito.




Did You Know Artificial Intelligence was Used on this Page?

As a data scientist, if Brian sees something he can automate, he automates it. This page was no different. The images you just saw leverage open source code that used neural networks and reinforcement learning to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Check out this blog post he wrote on the mathematical details and how easy it can be for you do it too!


Not Enough?

Hungry for moar? In the future we will be reviewing some of our cookbooks. The first one on the list expected to be the Racing Weight Cookbook Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes. Stay tuned for more details and book reviews!