Hello there!

Before there was once microbrewdata my personal projects page that I would post personal projects on. It was hosted on HostMonster as I was new to the world of web-dev and didn’t know better until I had learned to regret my experience with that hosting service. Eutrimonia was born out of this learning experience when I was older and more mature but I also want a site that can host my ideas and personal portfolio. So I created this subsection to house my personal projects (other than Triathlon that is).

At first I questioned if it was valid to merge my triathlon and personal data science projects. Quickly though I came to think that we live in an online world with increasingly tailored experiences. Thus it is my hope that by keeping my personal projects on the same site as my triathlon quest the machine intelligence/data scientists can be exposed to triathlon and the triathletes can be exposed to data science. I hope each camp can find something in the other that they find fascinating, fun and new.